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Product Manager @ DeepDiive Web App

For this Project, Dom functions as a Product Manager working with a team of software engineers and a Product designer. She led the team through the product development cycle bringing a web app from ideation to launch. Dom works in tech in Product Management as well, so her skills have been developed from multiple sources.

Skills include: project management, clear communication, team leadership, time management, ability to perform in an ambiguous environment, strategic thinking, user research and analysis. 

More about the project:

In February 2022, Dominic along with her product team released a web app called DeepDiive. It is a pack of virtual conversation cards to help drive more meaningful interactions between remote workmates. With this web app, remote colleagues can:

🚀 Use a virtual card deck of conversation cards you can never loose
🚀 Have meaningful 1:1 conversations with  workmates
🚀 Reduce the effort of figuring out what to talk about
🚀 Re-use the deck as possible

Play Deepdiive here with a colleague

DeepDiive Thumbnail.png

Host and Producer @ Life on Hifi Podcast

Dom hosts and produces this podcast.

Skills include: hosting, video editing, audio editing, graphic design/album art, podcast administrative services.

More about the project:

Life on Hifi is currently a podcast about Self mastery and maximizing creative potential. This started as a passion project by Dominic Justina. As a creative, she wanted to document the timeless conversations she's having with creative trailblazers she's crossed paths with.

After months of contemplating the project’s direction, Dominic decided to take a leap and launch Life on Hifi. It reaches an audience of youth (18-34) with almost 2000 listeners.

For each episode, Dominic invites trailblazers in the community to share their stories of creative entrepreneurship including the good the bad and the ugly.

Visit the official website for Life on Hifi

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